Were Still Warming Up

Hey lovelies…

We are still preparing the blog and site. We are so ready to have some fun with you guys!

Okay…who am I fooling…

I am ready to talk about Sex baby!!! Lol and love and all of that other stuff too!!!

Sipped, Lipped and Signed…


GiGi aka Strawberry Wine


Wine and Red Lipstick

Do you have questions that you are afraid to ask?

We will ask them!

Do need answers on love, sex, marriage, and everything else in between?

We have the answers!

We’re talking love, sex, fashion and any other topic under the sun…4 Women only!

We will have tips…tricks…and all of that other S$#&

So, invite you girls…and come back to hang and chat with us every chance you get!


The truth about love, sex, and everything else in between. Talk. Trips. Tricks. And all the other…